Piper’s Pitch

pipers pitch double

September 28 @ 8pm

September 29 @ 8pm

September 30 @ 2pm

October 5 @ 8pm

October 6 @ 8pm

October 7 @ 2pm

Building on its reputation for creating new and exciting theater that is relevant to the Berks County community, Reading Theater Project proudly announces its upcoming production, Piper’s Pitch from September 28 to October 7, 2018 at the WCR Center for the Arts, 140 N. Fifth St., Reading, Pa.

Written and directed by Joel Richard Gori, with music composed by Chris Heslop, Reading Theater Project’s new production will utilize the fable of the Pied Piper of Hamelin to explore our current social climate.

"A grown-up version of the classic tale of The Pied Piper of Hamelin was a perfect fit for the RTP season theme, Fact or Fiction?," said playwright and director Joel Gori, co-artistic director of the company. "In the original story, the Town Councilors are fraudulent to the young man who rids the town of their problems.  In my retelling of the tale, nobody trusts anyone, similar to the current climate of our country: Who do we believe? Where do we put our trust? Who do we turn to when we lose faith in those who lead us? With music, movement, humorous songs, theatricality and poignancy, creating this piece has made me smile."


Piper -  Ryan Cassidy

Anna – Kath Godwin

Rat Catcher – Joel Lesher

Son – Jack Woods

Villager 1 & Town Councilor 1 – Christopher David Roche

Villager 2 & Town Counclior 2 & Auslander – Megan Rose

Villager 3 & Corporate – Emily Hannon

Villager 4 & Mayor – Vicki Haller Graff


Production Team:

Joel Richard Gori – Playwright & Director

Chris Heslop - Composer

Jewell Brown - Assistant Stage Manager and Sound Designer

Craig Dodge - Lighting Designer and Technical Director

Kathie Kustudich - Props Designer

Amy Monizingo - Costume Designer

Andrew Pochan - Scenic Designer

Sean Sassaman - Production Stage Manager



Michael Evangelista - Bass

Jill Haley - Woodwinds

Lars Potteiger - Piano

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